Perceptual painters at 39th

Neil Riley

Guemene sur Scorff, Neil Riley

It seems to be the case, in some quarters, that you aren’t an artist until you quit making art and get to curating, which is fine with me, if it gets Matt Klos into the game. He sent me an invite to a show he’s curated that opened today at 39th Street Gallery in Brentwood, Maryland, which looks like a must-see for anyone who can get to it.

The exhibition Real and Remembrance presents paintings that have been created by direct visual experience and a construction of the “whole” through imagination and memory.”  –Matt Klos
Works by: Victoria Barnes, Dave Campbell, Tim Conte, David Jewell, Matt Klos, Aaron Lubric, Scott Noel, Andrew Patterson-Tutschka, Carolyn Pyfrom, Erin Raedeke, Brian Rego, Neil Riley, Peter VanDyck, Tom Walton, with guests Mark Karnes and Charles Ritchie. 


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