Beautiful little post from my friend Rick–including some of his great photographs, like the one above–about his encounters with coyotes not all that far south of our Rochester suburb. I remember telling him about the coyote pups we heard beside the house in Palm Springs we rented for a week last summer, and he dismissed it: “We hear them all the time here.” The way he conveys nature in this brief account reminds me of the way he does it in his paintings.

Just as I turned east over a culvert, I sensed something ahead of me. He must have done the same thing, because as my head came up, so did his, and we locked on each other about 15 feet apart. I’m sure if the visibility had been much more the 25 feet we had that afternoon he would never have let it happen. We stared for a moment, frozen. I heard the dogs’ collars tinkling behind me, turned to cut them off before a chase. But when I glanced back ahead, there was no need, the coyote had vanished.  –Rick Harrington


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