Words to live by

Playtime, by Deborah Parkin

When I read this, I thought, yes! That’s exactly right! And then I reread it and realized that this would be something almost anyone who practices any kind of unrecognized art would think. Which doesn’t make it any less valuable, of course, but it was the way she worked in her children and possible grandchildren that somehow caught my eye. And also the quality of what she’s doing in the context of her struggle with obscurity. “I have also found the Internet . . .” Funny. Uh, yeah, Deborah. Ampersands and all.

From Lenscratch:

As an emerging photographer, what insights can you share?
For me, it’s always been about the work.  I never really imagined being published or having gallery representation etc – things like that were for other people.  I just wanted to be a good photographer and leave something, a legacy for my children & maybe grandchildren.  So ultimately I feel you need to work hard, learn your craft & be passionate about your subject.  Do it for yourself because not everyone will like what you do & you can’t please everyone, so you must love doing what you do.  I have also found the Internet to be an excellent way of sharing work & for being inspired by other artists too.

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