Can a brother get a little room and board . . .

These boots were made for paintin’ . . .

Landscape artist Jim Mott has taken it upon himself to redefine the nature of art, travel, money, and hospitality in an age increasingly defined by individual insularity. – Christian Science Monitor
There is gift-exchange in my life, to be sure, but even I have never had the nerve to try an experiment as full as the one you undertook. Bravo! Lewis Hyde, author of The Gift
You are perfectly right about landscapes being OK in the post-historical phase of art. But somehow more in the spirit of the times is your project of itinerancy, which has a performance dimension.
Arthur Danto, philosopher and art critic


All that about my buddy Jim. Those esteemed voices were praising him for doing what he’s about to do, yet again. Wander around the country, looking for places where people will give him room and board for a night or two, in exchange for a painting of his host’s surroundings. It’s an exchange of gifts, both ways, and, to be honest, it seems Jim’s getting the short end of the stick every time, considering the quality of his work, but hey, if I could get Danto and Hyde to speak that highly of me, by giving my work away, I’d be on that in a second.

Mr. Mott sent me this email today, which I pass along with great enthusiasm. Somewhat in the spirit of his upcoming project, I may tie him to a chair and force him to stay the night here before he goes and liberate him only if he paints me a picture. He’ll do it willingly for almost anyone else who gives him a room and a little food. More on this after we get together to talk about it next week. Check out who interviewed him at the link below, Buffalo’s Righteous Babe herself.

American Road Artist (a.k.a. The Itinerant Artist Project)

Fall 2012 and Spring 2013
“Art for hospitality across the US and Canada”
HOSTS WANTED: Open call for HOSTS in Great Lakes cities and all points in between
PRESENTATIONS: Scheduling PRESENTATIONS for area college and university art classes, art centers, etc.
Project and tour info: click here
Being a host: click here
IAP Presentations: click here
Tour interview with Ani DiFranco: click here
SHARE THIS! Please pass this info to your friends and contacts (even if they don’t live in the Great lakes area: they may know someone who does!)
Thank you,
Jim Mott
BASICS:  21st century itinerant painter, Jim Mott, is looking for hosts and speaking venues for his upcoming Great Lakes art tour, his 14th tour since he started the Itinerant Artist Project in 2000. This is a two-part tour: Part 1, October 23 – November 20; Part 2, late Spring 2013. Routes to be determined by selected hosts. Hosts receive a small panel landscape painting done on site for 2-3 days’ room and board. See above links for more detailed info.
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