New Year’s Resolution #3

Finish painting this little meaningless cupcake. It’s been sitting like this for half a year, already signed (I sign paintings just as I start them not when they’re done, so the signature will fuse into the paint. And then I paint in thin coats on top of it. I’ve been trying and abandoning a lot of cupcakes, partly because, believe it or not, they inspire animosity. A good friend who takes herself very seriously said to me a few weeks ago, with regard to my cupcake paintings, “How can you sleep at night when you send junk like that out into the world?” (Those of you who know her will know exactly who I mean.) With that comment under my belt, I’m so dying to paint a fucking cupcake now. This one’s about a foot tall. I might even do one four feet tall and send that out into the world . . . maybe to one particular address . . .


2 Responses to “New Year’s Resolution #3”

  1. RIchard Harrington

    …junk like that out into the world…

    Lottsa judgement there. It always came back to bight me when I was guilty of making the judgement.

    Paint on, Mr. Dorsey. The path leads where it leads, ond no one can tell where til you get there.

  2. RIchard Harrington

    Interesting about the signing. I only sign once I’m satisfied it’f finished.