Canaltown camera work

photo show

Four by Four at Canaltown Coffee Roasters

Four photographs each by four people–Bob Shea, Hank Shaw, Walt Thomas and somebody named Dave Dorsey–are on view at Canaltown Coffee Roasters across from the new Wegmans going up on East Ave. Some excellent photography with few pretensions. It’s nice to think someone might get some pleasure by looking up from a smart phone in order to take them in for a few minutes. Bob organized the show and did a lot of the framing. At home in Tennessee, Walt participated in the afternoon reception via Google hangout using Hank’s laptop to get a look at what was happening, though he wasn’t picking up much conversation over the background noise, via the laptop’s microphone. Hank had me laughing through most of the reception. The people who showed up to look at the work had some great questions and stuck around. Bob, Hank and Walt are all more serious about photography than I am, and they know a lot more about cameras and software. I depend on my Nikon mostly as a source of images for paintings. Walt has had one of his photographs included in a Manifest Gallery INPHA annual and is the administrator of a Posterous site for photography, though that’s coming down soon, thanks to the demise of Posterous. And, oh yeah, he also sold one of his shots. The work was all uniformly interesting and really well done and though it was a struggle pulling the whole thing together at one point or another, it was gratifying to see that people actually showed up to take a look. Facebook strikes again. Four by Four ought to become a regular thing.

2 Responses to “Canaltown camera work”

  1. Tracy Schuhmacher

    Greetings from a former coworker of Hank, Walt and Dave. Are the photos still on display at Canaltown? I’d love to check them out.

  2. dave dorsey

    Hi Tracy, sadly no. But if we put together another show I’ll let you know. I didn’t see your comment because for the past year I’ve been inundated with spam and unable to find a plug-in to filter it. I found one and installed it and have been trying to sort needles of actual comments from the haystack of junk. Sorry for not responding sooner.