Queequeg ain’t got nothin’ on me . . .


“Body Scripture II” is Ronit Bigal’s new exhibition featuring from the 27th of may 2010 at the Artists House in Tel Aviv. Photography, Calligraphy and floral ornamentation are the elements comprising this exhibition. Digital photography topped with drawings in black Indian ink produces an effect of bas-relief. Bigal photographs the body completely exposed. The camera explores the body, capturing different parts, discovering a world of hidden landscapes, textures, and unspoken eroticism. For the artist this was a journey of unforeseen surprise. Therefore she wraps parts of her photos with floral ornamentation and others with cited calligraphy taken from Biblical texts. They are almost abstract and enigmatic, arousing the viewer’s curiosity to discover what are the photographed objects, what meanings lies behind the texts; and whether there is a thematic affinity between them or, perhaps are the associations purely aesthetical?  —Saatchi Online via Kottke,org

2 Responses to “Queequeg ain’t got nothin’ on me . . .”

  1. Richard Harrington

    That is a remarkable image. Wish I could see the show.

  2. dave dorsey

    There are quite a few more at the Saatchi site. There are many shows I wish I could see . . . I’ve been reading a profile by Richard Ben Cramer from Esquire, 1986 and his obsession with fishing. You’d like it. It’s all on-line.