Oh snail, shoot Mt. Fuji, but slowly, slowly . .

dawn 37

“Dawn 37”, Yu Tamauchi, from the current issue of Harper’s

Well I guess this puts me in my place (re: my previous post). This was taken from the summit of Mt. Fuji. Small detail: Yu Tamauchi lived near the top of that famous mountain in a hut for five months, taking photographs. At the risk of sounding way, way too much like Chris Farley interviewing Paul McCartney, let me just say . . . what an awesome idea. Two shots from this series appear in the current issue of Harper’s, and they were on view in December at Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery. I would wager a fairly unwieldy sum of money that Mr. Tamauchi was not using an iPhone. On the other hand, would it matter if he had?

1 Response to “Oh snail, shoot Mt. Fuji, but slowly, slowly . .”

  1. Woody Burby

    Some famous photographer said something like, “Only two things matter: where you stand and when.”