Edward Hopper meets Spielberg

Untitled, Gregory Crewdson

When it comes to photography, I’m a Gary Winogrand kind of guy. I like it spontaneous, fleeting, and unpremeditated. Like a good haiku. ┬áBut I love Gregory Crewdson, whose shots are as artificial as a movie full of FX. Go figure. I first encountered him, without knowing anything about him, when I bought the Yo La Tengo album whose cover appears above, more than a decade ago. What looks like a great documentary about him was making the rounds this year and is now available on demand from Netflix.

2 Responses to “Edward Hopper meets Spielberg”

  1. Woody Burby

    And Amazon.

  2. dave dorsey

    Woody, I depend on you for your contributions. How’s Tennessee right now?