Cover of Dawn of Midi, by Dysnomia

Cover of Dysnomia, by Dawn of Midi

A track by Dawn of Midi sounds like samples of Pinback, before the vocals start, looped–with just a hint of Erik Satie dubbed in, now and then. Very hard to turn off, once you start listening. The cover of Dysnomia, though: it’s a Tao symbol, and a nest, and a whirlpool circling the drain, and, again, a Taoist wheel with that central hole. A nest that draws you down into the void at the heart of it all. Nicely done. You can see more of Fabian Oefner’s photography here.


2 Responses to “Dysnomia”

  1. Aakaash


    The image is paint applied to a drill bit, then shot at a canvas and photographed with a high speed camera.

    The artist’s name is Fabian Oefner: http://fabianoefner.com/


  2. dave dorsey

    Which is why it looks like sculpture. Love it. Great album too.