Epic triptych

Dedication No. 3,Tom Insalaco, oil in canvas, 104" x 79"

Dedication No. 3, Tom Insalaco, oil in canvas, 104″ x 79″

Hoping to get a look at the actual painting soon at Tom’s studio in Canandaigua. It’s one of three monumental oils he did a couple decades ago, while he was still wrestling with the absurd murder of his brother, Robert, a deputy sheriff who was serving a warrant in 1987. Tom’s brother died instantly when the naked suspect opened the door and shot him in the head. This painting’s full title: Dedication No. 3, Man’s final resting place is in the hearts and minds of other men. 

2 Responses to “Epic triptych”

  1. Ken Page

    I remember seeing this painting at the Memorial Art Gallery in 1992. It won the popular vote award at the “Rochester-Finger Lakes Exhibition”. Very moving. Massive scale at least compared to anything else in the show. This image was on the postcard sent the following year from the MAG to advertise the same show. We still have that postcard. Which my wife just came across.

  2. dave dorsey

    Wish I had seen that show, Ken. I’ll pass along your praise to Tom the next time I see him. He drives in from Canandaigua now and then.