Bill Creevy, Small Pear, oil on multimedia board, 5"x4"

Bill Creevy, Small Pear, oil on multimedia board, 5″x4″

From the First Street exhibition announcement:

Bill Creevy will show selections from his newest series of miniature oils on paper. Creevy’s imagery varies from intimate depictions of animals, to greenmarket finds, to vintage cars, to airplanes, to small scale panoramic landscapes. Though Creevy’s oils are quite small (many no higher than 5″), his paint application is assertive and open in the manner of the early action painters. Notable for their highly textural surfaces, luminous paint freely applied, and bold rich colors, these small confident paintings pulse with memory and glow with vitality.

Love his artist’s statement:

I like to do simple and straight forward paintings. My scale is small but my paint application is assertive. I let my imagination pick my subject matter and allow my paint strokes to go where they please. I give myself very few restrictions……

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