Vernissage likes Polarities

diaper pins from vermissage

The Vernissage approved of my solo show at Viridian Artists, and to read their squib about it, you have to scroll down through images of Coca-Cola machines containing the bodies of dictators, from an exhibit at Unix Gallery. I was amused to see my diaper pins juxtaposed against images from a show containing an effigy of Generalissimo Franco. I’m relieved to know he’s still dead. It’s been decades since I was reminded of that on Saturdays. I liked the photography they posted of “Polarities”, along with the commentary:

Last week, our usual tour in Chelsea presented some fun surprises. Moreover, all the galleries we encountered presented entertaining works that revealed that ironic approach that we really, really enjoy. Viridian Artists Gallery presented a solo by David Dorsey . . . the space  filled with a series of . . . modern still lifes. M&M’s, a burger and pins here take the place of the more classical fruit and vegetables on canvas. An opposite experience . . . gorgeous but, somehow, wrong. The show played with the idea of opposites, portraying, in the same way, objects related to both death and everyday life.

Wikipedia: A vernissage (varnishing, from French) is a term used for a preview of an art exhibition, which may be private, before the formal opening. 

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