Summoning stones

lange stones

From the trailer for a documentary about Dorothea Lange, Grab a Hunk of Lightning, on view at Vimeo:

“When I said I’m trying to get lost again I really expressed a very critical point of departure. That frame of mind that you need to make fine pictures of a very wonderful subject you cannot do it by not being lost yourself. I’m trying to get lost again.”       –Dorothea Lange

“I had a handful of shells and stones and thrust them out toward her asking her to look. She said, ‘I see them but do you see them?’ I said, ‘Yes I see them.’ She said, “But do you see them? and snapped a photo.’ ”     –Dyanna Taylor, Lange’s grand-daughter

“When you’re working well, all your instinctive powers are in operation and you don’t know why you do the things you do. Sometimes you annihilate yourself. That is something one needs to be able to do.”   — Lange

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