On the road again . . .

Jim's boots

Jim’s boots

From Jim Mott:
There is gift-exchange in my life, to be sure, but even I have never had the nerve to try an experiment as full as the one you undertook. Bravo! – Lewis Hyde, author of The Gift, praising Jim Mott’s itinerant art project
 Traveling Artist Seeking Hosts for Cross-Country Painting Project: Fall 2015     [2015 tour webpage]
Nationally-recognized landscape painter Jim Mott is celebrating the 15th year of his Itinerant Artist Project (IAP) with a coast-to-coast painting tour this fall, September -December 2015. Traveling New York to California, his route will be determined largely by where he finds volunteer hosts.
Each stop along the way is typically 2-4 days, during which Mott paints a set of small oil paintings in response to the surroundings. One of these paintings is given to the host.
The Itinerant Artist Project – “art for hospitality across America” – is about sharing non-virtual connections, a sense of place, and a sense of life’s journey through art.
You can share the adventure by being a host. Or by forwarding this message to friends and colleagues anywhere who might be interested in the project. This IAP announcement is not just about finding hosts but also about sharing the ideas behind the project. Spreading the word freely, without any need to feel responsible for specific outcomes, is best.

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